Handmade malas from local trees

What is a Mala

A mala is a string of beads used when reciting mantras. A full mala has 108 beads plus guru bead, 108 being a special number. In our solar system there are 9 planetary bodies, including sun and moon, and we have 12 stages of the zodiac. 9 times 12 is 108. Also 108 in numerology is 1 plus 8, which is 9, the highest spiritual number.

Everything exists in a state of vibration.  A mantra is a special vibration which connects us to the energy of a particular lineage. A Buddhist mantra will connect us to the energy of the Buddha. A Christian mantra will connect us to Christ energy. A Hindu mantra will connect us to Shiva / Vishnu energy.

The heart opens to whatever we have respect for and in using our mantra we pay respect to our spritual guide and so the energy of our guru can flow up from within. At the same time we are unifying our mind / heart as we concentrate pointedly on the mantra. As the heart becomes unified we find our inner clarity and brightness.

When we recite the mantras using our mala, the mala itself becomes a holy object and should be treated with respect, never put on the floor. We recite a mantra with each bead with the exception of the guru bead. This bead represents the guru and we do not touch this one.


All Brightheart malas are made from local trees here. Trees are very important in Buddhism. The Buddha was born under a tree. He became enlightened under a tree and he passed away under a tree. Many of the incidents in the life of the Buddha took place under a tree. The trees used for making these malas come from a place of very high energy. After making the malas, the Buddhist protective mantras are chanted so that the malas are blessed before sending.

Update February 2023: Finnbarr is currently making only Oak, Acacia and Cherry malas with 8mm bead size.

The Malas

The malas are made in three styles: natural cut, 8mm round beads and 6mm round beads. I make these with oak, cherry wood, walnut, elder tree and rosehip. The trees are not harmed as the smaller branches are used to make the malas.

European Acacia is a very dense hard wood which produces high quality  beads. Energetically it is very good as a protective tree.

Oak is a powerful tree. Malas made from oak have a very strong energy.

Cherry is very much associated with the heart and heart chakra. As the seat of consciousness is located at the heart chakra, this is a very suitable wood for a mala.

Walnut is associated with the crown chakra. All nut trees are associated with wisdom, nuts being a superfood for the brain.

Rosehip is a member of the rose family. It is like the rose with very high energy and associated with the heart, rosehips being a medicine for the heart.

Birch is a tree used in clearing / cleaning energies. It represents new beginnings.

Elder is a tree which  has  a long history of being used as a medicinal tree and a tree of protection.

Oak mala (8mm)
This is an oak mala of 108 8mm beads. €30. If bought together with 8mm bead wrist mala, €35 for both
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European Acacia mala (8mm)

This mala has 108 8mm beads. €30. If bought with wrist mala €35 for both.

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Cherry tree mala (8mm)
This is a handcrafted mala made from cherry tree wood. It has 108 8mm beads. €30
If bought together with 8mm wrist mala €35 for both.
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Elder mala

 Elder tree mala 54 Beads, made in natural style €25

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Oak mala (6mm)

This is a handmade oak mala of 108 6mm beads. €25

Cherry tree wrist mala

8mm bead, 21 beads. €10

Cherry tree Mala (6mm)

This is a mala made from cherry tree wood. It has 108 6mm beads plus guru bead. €25

Birch mala
Birch Mala 54 Beads in natural style €25
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Elder wrist mala
Elder Tree Wristmala 6mm beads. 27 Beads. €8
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Oak wrist mala
21 beads, 8mm bead. €10
Walnut mala

54 beads cut in a natural style. €25

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Rosehip mala

This is a mala of 54 beads plus guru beads made of rosehip wood. It is made to appear natural. €25

Oak mala

 54 bead made in natural style. €25

Apple tree mala

This is a handmade mala made from Apple Tree wood, made in natural style. It has 54 beads plus guru bead. €25

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Wild apple mala

This is wild apple from the Pilis area of Hungary, an area of very strong natural energy. Apple is a female wood very much associated in many legends with stories of faeries and magic. €30

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Walnut wrist mala

21 beads, 8mm bead. €10


The Apple tree is a very feminine tree associated with many stories of love, faeries and magic,  a cut apple showing a pentagram. It is a very healing tree, apples being both a food and a medicine. Energetically a tree that is medicinal for humans has a frequency sympathetic with people. 


Birch is a feminine wood used for clearing. A birch broom was used for clearing dirt and also for clearing energies. It was also used as a protective tree against evil spirits. As we recite our mantras the mantras become energetically imprinted on the mala. The bark of the birch was actually used for writing the Sanskrit texts as it is a tree commonly found in the holy places of the Himalayas.

Drums are often made of birch because they give a high frequency sound which is loud and cutting. This high frequency cutting sound indicates how the birch clears on the energetic level.


Cherry Tree is a tree very much associated with the heart chakra. Cherries are a medicine for the heart and the wood is a warm reddish colour like the heart. Energetically cherries have the effect of moving stuck energies. As the base of consciousness is located at the heart cherry wood is a very suitable wood to use.

We can also see what chakras the wood is associated with when the wood is used to make drums. As with a sound bowl high frequencies act on the higher chakras and low frequencies on the lower chakras. A drum made from cherry wood is "punchy in the mid range" ( heart is middle chakra) with a bright sound.


Elder Tree

The Elder Tree is a friend to humans, especially in these times. It is a very medicinal tree used as tea and syrup for treating cough and flu. In England in olden days a necklace of elder was put on someone suffering from whooping cough. The elder has a soft core which is easily removed to make whistles and flutes, another connection with respiratory system. Flutes made from elder were considered to be powerful in summoning elementals and faeries.
The Elder was considered to be one of the most protective of trees. People often put branches over doors of houses and stables to prevent evil spirits. Why is it called the Elder? Perhaps because the spirit of the tree was considered to be an elder lady who is benevolent to humans, but could be wrathful when provoked.

European Acacia

European Acacia, Robinia pseudoacacia, is called Acacia but is not a related to the acacia of the tropics and subtropics. In America it is called Black Locust. It is a hard dense wood that makes very good quality beads. Energetically it is also very good:

"For protection against the negative influences of other people, including psychic attack."


The features of this tree are protection and resilience. It grows in poor soil where oak cannot and grows back quickly from the root when cut down.
European Acacia is also used for making honey which is very interesting because bees are very much associated with saints and spirituality in all
cultures throughout the world.


The honey produced by the bees collecting from the blossoms of the European Acacia produces a honey with unique benefits which indicates that energetically the tree is a very positive tree for use in making malas.



Oak is the tree of strength, stability endurance and protection. It has a masculine energy, being the king of the forest.


Walnut is a tree with very high vibration. It is associated with crown chakra, the nuts even being shaped like a brain. The tree has a pale colour like the swan which is the symbol for crown chakra. It has a male energy.
All nut trees are associated with wisdom, nuts being a super food for the brain.